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for some reason I cant remember how to unscheduled a program. With the fall here I want to wipe all the scheduled programs and start fresh. Can someone please remind me how to do this?

Sure.  Just go to “Scheduled”, select the show that you want to change, and click the orange record button (which ever one you have checked) so that it turns blue.   When you exit out of that menu, your show will no longer be listed in the Scheduled area.

Gosh that’s how I thought it was but when I click on a tab it just asks me if I want to record new or all. The couple that I already had blue in the corner gave the open to delete but for some reason I cant change orange to blue.

should say option to delete

Not sure about Android, but the ipad app says:

Record All Episodes
Record New Episodes
Remove Schedule

Choose Remove Schedule to unschedule the recordings.

Im not getting the remove schedule option on anything on anything. I just cant figure out what Im doing different.

I really appreciate all the responses. Thanks very much.


As mentioned above.when you open the details view of the item you wish to unschedule on the Scheduled screen, press the yellow Rec button. This will bring up a dialog of options to change the scheduling of the program. Pressing Remove Schedule here will stop this program from being recorded from then on.


Please note that there is/was a bug in previous releases that prevented this button from being pressed multiple times. If you experience this, you will have to leave the Scheduled section by navigating to Live TV or Recordings, and re-enter the Scheduled section. This bug will be fixed in the next Android client release.

Thanks everyone