AVC encoded channels

Please add support for AVC encoded channels.

Chicago area is getting an atsc 3.0 lighthouse. Our local cbs affiliate is moving all their channels (main and 4 sub-channels) to different frequencies. The new sub channels are not mpeg2 encoded. They are AVC encoded. My Tablo 4th gen guide doesn’t list them.

Back when they were blowing out legacy’s I thought maybe was to make way for new model capable. Gettablo.com – Free Lifetime Guide? Is it a legit Tablo site? - General Discussion - TabloTV Community Could not have known they had been bought and new owner had one and wanted the name. Was very surprised it also did not support MPEG4

In Chicago, the “new” ATSC 1.0 channels are live and simulcasting with the originals on RF12. RF12 will shut down/convert to ATSC 3.0 Monday 2/5 around 1PM CST.

According to posts on the AVS Forum Chicago thread, the new 2.1 (RF19 WGN) and 2.3 (RF24 WFLD) are MPEG2. 2.2 and 2.5 (RF34 WGBO) 2.4 (RF33 WMAQ) are MPEG4.

The tropo interference in Chicago is mostly over with now. Able to get all the channels.

The new 2.2 Start TV has switched back to MPEG2, so it is now usable on a Tablo.

48.3 has changed from a simulcast of 2.1 to Catchy Comedy. But, it still shows up as CBS on the Tablo scan. I guess it may take a few days for everything to get updated.

AVC encoded ATSC 1.0 streams still unsupported.

must be an expensive decoder.

Report it at zap2it, usually fixed in 2 or 3 days.

On a TV directly connected to an antenna, the channel name is CATCHY, but the program info also still shows CBS. I think Weigel still has to get their act together (it’s a Weigel-owned station.)