Available Tuners Question

Depending on the planned functionality, not sure wether this should be a feature request or “support and troubleshooting”.

I have a Tablo Dual Lite and am using the Apple TV app. If I am watching a channel (lets call it X) and a recording is about to start on X after the current show completes, I get the error message that the tuner is being reallocated. I get a similar message when I am watching a show live that is also being recorded ends.

The expected operation, from my viewpoint, is that the current channel continue to be shown unless there are two other recordings (or others are users are watching live feeds). The abrupt ending and forced interaction to restart causes the beginning of the next show to be missed live, and is generally annoying.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there a problem with my unit? Or is this the expected behavior?

This is the expected behavior but it’s something we’re actively working to change.

Roku users will now get automatically re-directed back to their live TV viewing within a few seconds of a recording ending. We’re slowly working to add this functionality to other platforms where possible.