Automatic extention

If a live event such as football or Daytona 500 or golf, etc goes overtime is there a way you can tell? If so automatically changing any recordings on those channels to correct time would be cool

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There is no real way to extend through the guide data. Even with cable boxes that have a continuous connection, it can take hours for programming changes to trickle through all the services.

Not sure about Gen4, but legacy add 50% to live and season finales. You could also deliberately tag a following show to record.

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On the 4th gen, “Extend Live Recordings” only adds 30 minutes to the end. So I do recommend adding more time to the end if it is an event that you care about.

All I ever do is to set up to record shows 2 hours after my event . When I reach the end of the original, I open the next show to continue. It’s a habit I’ve had since the old VCR days.