Automatic checking channels

I like how it automatically checks the box for the stations that are 1080. I would like to see it automatically check the box if it has 6 green circles. Austin, TX has several channels that do not broadcast in 1080 but use 720 or 480 and are 5 green circles.

When doing a channel scan, it autochecks all HD channels, 1080i and 720p.

Personally, I am glad that the SD stations are not checked, since a lot are shopping channels. Though it is super easy to check a box if the user wants that channel.

  1. The number of circles is only 5, not 6.
  2. 720p AND 1080p channels with 4 or 5 circles are automatically checked. Basically, all HD channels with good signal strength are selected.
  3. Channels with 3 circles or less are not checked due to “poor” signal.
  4. All SD channels are not checked either. This is an entirely reasonable selection process, I do not want to watch anything in SD.

MOVIES is 480, PBS subchannels are 480, jUSICEnetwork is 480, COZITV is 480. It seems stations have 1 channel in 1080, and if they have a subchannel, it is 480. FOX is the exception which main station is only 720.

Yes 480p is standard definition. Most content on those channels you can find on a HD channel.

It is very easy for you to add those channels.

NONE of those can be found in 720 or 1080 in Austin, TX.

There could be an option to include SD channels that are 5 green circles, just as there is an option for the sound effects on Roku, and the fast launch on live tv.

I suppose there could be a “check all” / “uncheck all” option. I just know that I greatly prefer the default of selecting only HD channels.

Yes, a check all button would solve this problem.

I much prefer the automatic selection of only HD channels as well. I wonder how many people actually watch SD channels on the Tablo?

There are things that come on subchannels only (not HD) that we watch around here quite often, Some of the older stuff (for us older folk) in particular.

MeTV & ThisTV are two stations that come to mind. They are only SD here & do not have High Def counterparts.

I would prefer check all 5 green circles. Like @theuser86 said some content is not to be found in HD. All those I listed for Austin are such channels. I do have to UNCHECK some 1080 stations that are checked because they are not English and English is the only language I know.

I’ve done several rescans after adjusting my antenna and I would prefer that the Tablo remember which channels I previously selected. It would be awesome if it were smart enough to alert me of new or lost channels and changes in signal strength. And it would be nice if the Tablo would tell me if my changes affected scheduled recordings.