Auto tune channel upon launch

In my quest for the ultimate home automation, I’m struggling with connecting Tablo to my daily routine. I’m currently running Home Assistant and have Tablo installed on several Nvidia Shield’s around the house. My goal is to turn on the TV each morning at a specific time and launch the Tablo App to tune into a specific channel and play.

I can turn on the TV and launch the app through Home Assistant, but I’m struggling with send any additional intent actions to the Tablo App to get it to tune into a specific station. Any thoughts or am I just crazy for trying to attempt this?

The only way to do what you want (that I know of) is to send the specific sequence of button presses that would accomplish what you want. This is more of a Home Assistant issue than a Tablo issue.

@FlyingDiver I was hopeful that Tablo might have baked in some intent actions into their app to send commands down the pipe with Android ADB…I can control Netflix and Youtube without any issues. Why does Tablo need to be difficult?!

You might be able to control some functionality for the HDMI port of the HDMI model using a Harmony remote.

Of course you would need the remote model specifications to extract the proper IR code sequences.

For most all other smart home integration Tablo would need to develop a skill to integrate into the various products like Amazon and Google. And I suspect Netflix and YouTube have enough R&D money to do some integration.

Since Tablo is primarily a DVR product that feature wise has to keep up with the Jone’s, is the question are you crazy for trying to attempt this or just crazy.