Auto-Delete Recordings check box

What does the “Auto-Delete Recordings” check box on the desktop app settings screen mean & do?? the online manual does not mention it.


Think it deletes the oldest recordings first when the drive is full.

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@EJC - Auto-Delete was introduced with the 2.1.16 firmware.  See excerpt from post below.

NEW - Auto Delete

  • Never manage your hard drive again!
  • Oldest
    recordings will be automatically deleted (unless marked protected) in
    order to maintain an adequate amount of disk space for upcoming
    scheduled recordings
  • Episodes marked as protected will not be deleted
  • More granular delete options will be available in subsequent releases
  • Auto Delete can be enabled within Settings

So I was right :-bd

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LOVE that feature. FIFO unless protected from deletion. Fantastic feature. 

But if anyone looks at the interface doesn’t that scale show you how full or empty the drive is?
If that’s an indicator, one should know “drive almost full, better do some housekeeping”.
I say that knowing darned well i never would… i’d still run out of drive even seeing that “I’ll take care of that later” and later never comes.
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So I was right :-bd

Yes, I had assumed that to be the case…   :wink:

I can see that the manual needs to be updated… 

@EJC - Yep - we’re a bit behind on documentation. Sorry! We’re hoping to get someone new in to help with this stuff over the coming months. 

@EJC - Yep - we're a bit behind on documentation. Sorry! We're hoping to get someone new in to help with this stuff over the coming months. 

How much you pay? I’d rather have a different job… could I work from home?


@EJC - Ha! We’ve got a student coming in on an internship… Not sure you’d like the pay scale! 

@TabloTV someone did mention a wiki that could be updated by users, might make a lot of the questions easier to answer :wink:

@Jestep - That is an option but I don’t think we want a third repository of documentation. It would just be too onerous and confusing to keep all of them up to date. 

@TabloTV true but your editing base goes WAY up :wink:

Worthy of separate topic… the idea sort of has merit if you have a Tablo maintained top side and wiki-like-comments at the bottom where corrections, additions, more info can be added.

@cjcox - You can already leave comments on articles in our Knowledge Base.

@TabloTV, well… there ya go then!

thanks… (now back to our regularly scheduled topic)