Auto Delete Recordings afer 3 copies

Request the option to auto delete similar copies of a program. For example copies of the daily news show. auto delete after a max of 3 copies (3 days worth).
Just a thought…


It’s one of the top requests. The code is in the Tablo firmware, but the UI hasnt been changed yet to support it. I would think this could be done by the end of the year.

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I would really like to see this feature!

Please add this feature. Tablo support has said it is just a UI issue for a long time. If it exists in the firmware then just enable in the Web app or something easy that people can use to start.

Don’t wait for every device to be updated, please.


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Please add a “Keep only X recordings” so that we can better manage our storage space.

I recently joined the Tablo movement, I really enjoy this product. The thing I find myself constantly doing is trying to manage recordings manually for things I record that are timely. For example, I record the local and national news. Sometimes I watch it, sometimes I don’t. If I don’t delete these every day, they pile up. I don’t need two weeks of the Nightly News. I’d like to set this to keep 2 recordings at most. I’m sure there are other applications of this where this is handy as well.

My Scientific Atlanta 8300 Time Warner DVR offered this over a decade ago, this is a pretty common feature found in DVRs, I’m surprised Tablo with its sophistication does not offer this.

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This seems like such low hanging fruit with a feature that could very easily be added, it’s baffling they don’t just knock stuff like this out and keep customers happy… c’mon Tablo, please!