Auto delete of watched episodes? Yes, please

I searched and couldn’t find an answer so sorry if this one has been asked here before. We have been watching episodes of Jeopardy but unless I go on the app (not on the tv) and delete the watched episode, we can’t view the next episode. Any fixes for this? Sorry, we are brand spanking new to the Cord cutting community and newbies to Tablo world!

Hey Zippy7! You should be able to enable the Auto-delete recordings feature by going into settings/storage/select auto-delete recordings.

That being said, when you say you can’t view the next episode, do you mean the next recording or live viewing? Can you also confirm which kind of TV and mobile apps are you using?

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Hi, Thanks very much. I found the auto-delete check box so I guess tonight we’ll see if that works…

We’re watching on the Tablo app with our smart Samsung TV. We can’t see the next recorded episode using the TV access to the app but I can see them on my phone. I’m hoping the auto-delete checkbox will remedy this. I see here that others are using different apps like Roku but is that an improvement we should consider?

BTW we have a Quad (wifi) with WD Blue 1TB Internal Hard Disk Drive installed.

If you have the recordings screen in ALL mode, and select a title, it should show all the recorded episodes. You can choose which to watch, and which to delete.

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Wow, Andy… I just needed to find the down arrow. That did the job and you got me there. Thanks!!

Another quirk that fooled me is that Recent mode only lists 2 weeks. I thought some recordings had disappeared, but they just expired off that screen. They were still under All

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