Auto Default? What are Scheduling defaults and can I change the default?

When I select a show to record and select Options, It shows “Default” in each section. 1. What does this mean for the # of recordings it will keep when it says “Auto - Default”? (I assume it is not “ALL” or “1” based on those being separate options). 2. How do I change this default setting? I don’t see anything I can adjust under the settings menu or any menu. (I’m accessing it on ipad, Amazon Fire TV stick, and by logging in on Chrome /web browser).

Hi Brian - If you have auto-deleted enabled on your Tablo, the default option will delete the oldest unprotected recordings to maintain enough space for upcoming scheduled recordings. If you don’t have auto-delete enabled, your Tablo will never delete recordings automatically and does risk filling up.

That can also happen if you have large and specific keep settings on all of your recordings as ‘keep x’ will override auto delete.

More info here:

To confirm, the “Auto default” setting will not delete any recordings from any show, letting the hard drive get full. If I do not have the “auto-delete” enabled, once its full, it will simply stop recording anything until I delete things to free up some space, is that correct? A similar question, if I have each scheduled show set to “Keep ALL”, will “Auto Delete” not function because it will not delete anything, would that be correct? Thank you for your responses!

True. But IF you have Auto Delete enabled in SETTINGS, your Tablo will automatically delete the oldest unprotected recordings if your drive becomes too full to record new programs.

If you don’t have Auto Delete enabled AND/OR all shows are set to KEEP ALL your drive does run the risk of filling up.

Thank you, this helps me understand the options.

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