Auto-controlling a rotor

I have a situation where the channels of interest are in 2 groups about 90 degrees apart. The antenna is pointed to split the difference but there are some weak signals I want to receive without noise. The fellow who installed the antenna suggests that I use a rotor to maximize the signal when I recording the weak channels. So the questions is, can the Tablo drive/command the rotor to point the antennna to the transmitter of the channel I wish to record?

Nice idea but no. We’re using a rotor and have to manually reset it.

There was some discussion a while back on this forum about signal strength and combining multiple antennas.

Get two antennas and use a combiner.

I’d go with two antennas via combiner. If possible, outdoor unidirectionals.

I had the same problem as Houston is west and Beaumont is east. I installed two Clear stream 4v antennas and used a combinder.Th a inks to all the people here that pointed me that way. On a good day the antennas pick up 100 plus channels.

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Sorry but Tablo cannot control a rotor.

The best option is as other have suggested which is to put up two directional antennas and use a combiner.