Austin, TX rescan channels

14.2 bounce and 54.4 escape added today

Years ago Austin lagged behind other cities with the subs but they have really caught up.

Yup…lets see how linf to add to the guide. We just got LIGHT TV and it took a month

Of couse it came with digital tv and sale if stations.

Maybe more to come after this. Got to keep @TabloSupport and @TabloTV busy :grin:

I was surprised they added Escape when it is already in the Austin market, 63.4.

You mean 62.4? I receive it with my Winegard FL5500A but not any othee indoor antenna and I lose it during the summer. I think it is broadcast from Kileen on broadcast channel 13. It doesn’t make it to Kyle, while 54.4 does. Has to do with frequency and power.

Recently 31.3 and 31.4 have been added so need need to try to get 62.3 or 62.4.

Thanks! The only thing is 62 is already in the guide. 54 is in process of adding to the guide. Have you told @TabloSupport so they can begin working on it?

@beastman, you are a true guide updater. I am wondering how you do it? All of a sudden abc in the philly area is crap. I’ve called the station, and I’m waiting on a call back. Do you hit these folks up every day? Where can I get info on network station issues?

Still, no word from abc in philly in regards to an issue or anything. I’ve called them twice…

Someone else noticed 31.3 amd 31.4. I like the guide data so i can record easier. I’ll call Tablo on Monday.

Edit: i rescan on TV every other week and if anything new, in English shows up, I contact Tablo to get it in the guide. I don’t email the station that often…

Austin station sold.