Audio works, no video - Android 2.2.2 on G-Box Q

Hello all; After updating to Android version 2.2.2, I seem to get excellent audio, but no video at all. I’m using a Matricom G-Box Q and have been for awhile with no issues. I tried live TV and recordings. No issue using my Roku, Mac or Amazon Stick. I tried using the Chrome browser on the G-Box, same exact thing, no video, excellent audio. Tablo is using ethernet. The connection to my G-Box is 5g wireless and running at least 30mps. Any thoughts?

Well, as the current version of Android 5.1.1 and I’m assuming they developed the Tablo app for 4.0 and above, you might need a higher Android version.

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Got the latest g-box on a black friday deal. Latest firmware 1.4 - Its running Android 4.4.2. Having the same issues - everything is great until the video actually starts playing and then all I get is audio and a black screen…

have you had any luck? I’ve got a similar problem except I don’t get audio either on my Gbox.

@hogbwild I never did get it working. I took the lazy way out and moved my gbox up to my bedroom and use a firestick when my wife wants to use Tablo. It works on everything else, I have to think its missing a video codec or something like that.

Thanks, Jack. I may do the same thing, but in the effort to stop paying cable bills, I find it a bit ironic that many of us are buying hundreds of dollars worth of additional items (Tablo, Fire, Gbox, etc.); and spending quite a bit of time trying to find satisfactory combinations of the same. Thanks for the response, and I’ll update this post if I find a solution for the Gbox. Cheers.

@hogbwild, I could not agree with you more regarding time/$$ it takes to cut the cord, it really becomes a bit of a hobby. The task of learning, setting up and maintenance of the various systems are part of the cord cutting process I think. I’m assuming you don’t use your Gbox only for Tablo (if you do, send me an email and we can chat about all those resources available)? With all the great tools available, I could not be happier saying; “See ya” to DirectTV, etc. The toughest part was setting up remote controls for the family to use 1 button to say use Tablo, Hulu, etc.
Anyway, thank you for your response and I’m going to take a deeper look at what the issue is. Regards.

It works on my Nexus Player and Nexus 9 tablet, which are both running 6.0.1 Marshmallow. It also works on my Galaxy S5 with 5.1.1. The Nexus devices have Android without any changes from manufactures.

I received a reply from Tablo Support. They don’t support MATRICOM Gbox.

“Tablo Support - Nyein (Tablo)
Jan 5, 2:56 PM
Hi Ben,
Unfortunately Tablo does not support the MATRICOM Gbox as a viewing device.
The officially supported Android TV devices are the Nexus TV and the Nvidia Shield:
Please let me know if you have any further questions.”

So I guess that’s a wrap for the Gbox for now.

If it makes you feel any better, if you switch over to the “real” Android TV, the experience is maintenance free and extremely smooth.

Good. Those boxes need to burn in a fiery end.


So, I have an Nvidia Shield TV, Amazon Fire Stick, a few small footprint media PC’s and the Gbox. Those small footprint PC’s run W10 and have no issue with Tablo via the web interface. The Shield and Fire stick also have no issue as stated by Tablo. They all also run Kodi, with all those different streams and again not 1 issue with any of them.
Why would a company that charges a decent amount for the device, Tablo, and a fee for the guide not have 100% support via a web browser? Wouldn’t that be like YouTube saying, well we work on x, y and z devices but not anything else? If you look at the supported devices, they don’t list a media PC as a supported device, that leaves out a whole world of choice.
Tablo seemed like the best device available at the time, but it’s a pretty low bar and I hope to see better products developed and sold.
And one other thing, I’ve yet to have the smooth, maintenance free experience you’re talking about. I have the latest router running tweaked custom firmware, my devices are all hard wired and I’ve been in IT for 35+ years. While not a bad experience, the software is incredibly slow starting up and laggy. Tablo could certainly take a page from Kodi (free) and tweak the software a bit.

Yes, because its definitely as simple as “lets look at what an open source, community driven media center has done and use that to tweak our software.”

Not saying Tablo couldn’t use optimization, but to so plainly state that they should learn from a software platform that provides an entirely different service is naive at best and downright stupid at worst.

The 1st 1/2 of your comment; Excellent point, I continually forget about the open source vs. proprietary rub, but I have to say, your 100% right. They can certainly learn something regarding platform support, but they have 2 different goals.
As for the naive and stupid comment; Assuming you’re a 16 year old it’s somewhat immature and rude, anything over that makes you “downright stupid”.

Did you just make a blanket statement regarding age?

classic move

Just a reminder that name calling and personal attacks are NOT allowed.

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