Audio Video Sync Issues


I am trying to watch via the web app using Chrome and the audio and video keep going out of sync for whatever reason. Both the tablo and PC have wired Ethernet. Is this a known problem or is there a fix for this?


+1 on this issue. I’ve been experiencing this also even though the PC is wireless and Tablo is wired ethernet.

Try the website in Chrome.

It still ends up out of sync. Never had any issues with my previous Roku. Any other ideas or is there a fix in the works?

Any other solution? I’m nearly ready to get rid of this thing.

If all else fails, back up your recordings using Tablo Ripper or such and do a factory data reset (FDR). This solved all my Tablo ills and made the experience as it should be again. From what I’ve read here, the database can get corrupted over time and an FDR will rebuild it from scratch.

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Well, I spoke too soon again! After a few weeks with no audio problems, I began experiencing this problem again yesterday - bad. Both the normal site and beta site became un-synced within a few seconds. I closed and restarted Chrome and cleared the tuners with the same results. Oddly enough (or maybe not), last night while watching stuff recorded weeks ago, I had two complete FF freezes and Roku 3 reboots. I haven’t seen that since before I did the factory reset. My recordings page also took longer to load again from a couple of seconds to maybe 10 to 15 seconds. Did my db get corrupted again? Was that the problem in the first place? Time will tell.

I’ve been only using this for about 3 days. I did notice a bit of sync issues when I was watching a recorded show. I thought it was just me, and I found scrubbing the video fixed the issue.

This only happened once so far, other videos I’ve watched (live and recorded) since then have seemed to work just fine.

Not sure what the issue is, but it can prove to be annoying for sure.

I just got my Tablo and video/audio sync is a major problem when watching live TV using Chrome on a Windows PC. Tablo is wired and PC is wireless. 1TB Seagate Backup Plus HD.

I also have Audio sync problems. They seem to be worse with Chrome but still bad with Firefox. Both live and recorded. It gets better when live if I jump ahead to eliminate the buffer. The audio can get 10 to 12 seconds ahead of the video. Is anyone at TabloTV looking into this? Tablo and PC both wired and very low trafic. Same results with Win7/64 and a WinXP computer.

@vbatech & @Flapjaw ,

Are you both running 2.2.8? I’m curious as I’m still on 2.2.2. I was able to duplicate the problem the next day but the following day, it was synced fine. Seems kind of like a resource problem on the remote computer (us) but for so many to be seeing the issue, I’m not so sure. Do your audio sync problems come and go as well or is it all the time? Sure would like to get this figured out…

I am on 2.2.8 with HTML Application:1.0.23-598 (don’t know what that is) My audio sync usually starts out OK and then progressively gets worse over time. When watching recordings I skip over commercials and most of the time it re-syncs. sometimes I have to do one jump into the program and then jump back to get it in sync. Same problems with my.tablotv & beta.tablotv. Does your Tablo run hot? Mine is 115F just setting idle. (Measured with IR gun)

@IllBeDarned. I am running 2.2.8. I noticed the volume to be quite low when sync problems were occurring, and you are correct. The issue is intermittent.

@Flapjaw: I’m not sure what my temp is but we keep it in an unheated bedroom (stays around 63) and on it’s side as opposed to flat. It feels warm to the touch but not hot. Also received a Chrome update today so maybe that will help

@vbatech: I didn’t notice the volume being low - I’m usually watching the news in the morning so it’s easy to spot the sync problem but same volume I think.

It seems like the Tablo guys are strangely quiet this week. Only a couple of replies since Monday. I’ll take that to mean that they’re too busy fixing this to talk now :grinning:

I had the same sync issue, really bad. I had set my recording quality higher, but when I went back to 720 - 5MPS (recommended) setting, the issue when away. So I wonder, if you set the recording quality higher than you are receiving it, if that causes the problem?

This is why they need a Windows app. Everyone uses different browsers with different settings and it makes it hard to pin down the solution. I posted about the sync issue in another thread and I was told the same thing, use the beta URL. It didn’t work for me either. I have the same results in IE8, Edge, and Chrome.

Also, I noticed if I rewind Live TV a little bit that the audio and video sync back up ,but it eventually goes out-of-sync again.

Yep, same here except it gets unsynced almost immediately.Both normal and beta sites act exactly the same. I don’t get the problem with recorded shows, only live tv. I really don’t think it’s a resource problem on my end. I rebooted and went into Task Manager and closed a bunch of non-essential programs and still seeing it.

Mine behaves the same way. I have a newly built the PC for the living room and it even happens after a reboot like some of the others so it doesn’t seem to be resource related. Same problems exist for the regular site and beta site as well. It would be nice if someone from Tablo could give us a status on this or if they plan on fixing it at all.

They’re a bit short-staffed over there as @TabloTV is on vacation. They’re aware of the problem but I think getting the firmware shored-up is probably their first priority.