Audio/Video out of sync by 5 secs or more

Twice in one week, a daily OTA recording has created a recording where the audio/video is out of sync by more than 5 seconds.

Is this a known Tablo bug @TabloEngineering @TabloSupport @TabloTV @TabloTrouble ??

What is the fix for this??

Direct ethernet connection to Netgear router.
Tablo 4th gen firmware: 2.2.50
Roku: 3820R2, OS 12.5.5

Are you using the internal storage or external. If external, give us deets on it.

External Seagate 1T solid state drive.

Is this usually the same station giving you troubles?

How is your signal strength?

Yes, ABC network in the early AM. 2 occurrences over maybe 6-8 days. Any ideas?

Love to get feedback from @TabloSupport , @TabloEngineering @TabloForumAdmin. What’s the best avenue for Tablo to provide input? Here? Email? Call them?

This is something we’re looking into but we haven’t been able to reproduce it yet. Stay tuned.

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We have the same problem, With an ABC affiliate, and a show broadcast in the wee hours.

We set Tablo to record Jeopardy at 11 AM and it automatically also records an older Jeopardy episode that is broadcast at 1 AM.

The 11 AM recording has always been OK. The 1 AM has OK picture and sound, but they are sporadically out of sync prob at least 5 sec.

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@tablotv How about listing all of your current issues and a status for each, so that customers know you are working on them?


Thanks for taking the time to let everyone know you’re experiencing the same issue.

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Right at the moment, that might be a huge list. :rofl:

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Yeah, LOL. And it might depress new sales on top of that. :rofl:

My thoughts were a slight dip in signal strength. It seems to be the same station, so it adds to that theory.

This used to happen on an easy to get station for me (ABC) … but after switching out antennas and finding a better placement, it only happens during a storm.

Never hurts to run another channel scan and check your signal strength.

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I have same problem with ABC

I have the same problem with ABC for morning shows

@Buzz56 @Barbh12 @tabjoe

Can you conform that the affected recordings are out-of-sync when you play them back on all of your connected devices? (i.e. they do the same thing when you play back on your smartphone as when you play them on your Roku or Fire TV?)

If so, and you’d be willing to put your device in remote access mode so we can gather additional information, please let us know.

Yes, it did the same on my tablet. So far, it has not done it since Sunday. I did a rescan and I am exiting out of Tablo when I turn TV off.

@Barbh12 Glad to hear things are going better. If you do get a recording that exhibits that behavior again, please let us know.

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It is doing it right now on MeTV, trying to watch Adam12 live not recorded

My out-of-sync recordings are long gone. I didn’t save bad recordings. I can try your troubleshooting steps next time it happens.