Audio Sync watching remotely

I have noticed when watching remotely the audio is out of sync.This occurs over wifi and using the phone network.

I am using an iPhone 7 plus with the latest app and iOS.

It happens with live TV and recordings. It’s not that big a deal really as I rarely watch remotely. But when I go to show someone the product, it would be nice if the audio was in sync.

Watching TV in the home is fine, both live TV and the recordings. Any ideas?

What Remote Streaming Quality are you using on the iPhone? Is it Fully Quality or something else like 4 or 3 Mbps?

I am using the default setting that was configured when I initially setup the Tablo.

The remote setting stream quality is 1mbps.

I did just change the stream quality to 750kbps and that seems to have corrected the issue. I never thought of this…duh.

I am currently at work viewing this on the Verizon LTE network. Now that I have the audio fixed, I am getting some banding on the right side of the screen.

Changed it again to 500kbps and the banding on the side has disappeared. Audio sync is better here as well. I don’t care about the setting, I just want it to work is all.

Obviously the video quality suffers at these lower settings, but its definitely doable.

I just changed this back to 1mbps and it seems as if that resolved the issue. Audio is fine now, and the video image is better as well.

Should have thought of trying this before posting I guess. I guess it just got out of sync. I’ll have to remember this going forward.

How fast is your upload speed of the internet at your house where the Tablo is located?

If it’s higher than 1 Mbps, then can you try increasing the RSQ and see if the problem persists?

Upload at home is at least 10mbps.

I have noticed that if I change the remote connection speed, and go back to live TV, the issue resolves itself. But if I exit the app and then go back, I either get an audio sync issue or some kind of screen banding on the side or the bottom of the video.

No big deal because I don’t watch the Tablo remotely, it’s just if I want to show someone the app.

Well it sounds like a legit bug.

If you set it to Full Quality, close the app, re-open, does it still have an issue?

No issues on home wifi at max setting.

Will try at my sons soccer practice when I am no wifi…

Let us know how this goes!

Ok watching over lte, at the highest and second highest settings:

Obviously it took a while to start playing.

Audio was fine, but I am getting some banding on the bottom of the video.

Audio was fine.