Audio Sync - Only One Channel


Had the new Quad for a 10 days or so now. It’s been working well. I have one ongoing issue with one of my channels though. It’s WOTV ABC 41.1. Signal strength is 100 and so is SNR, so I don’t think it is a signal quality issue. The problem is that the Audio and video on this one channel is almost always out of sync. Sometimes it will be off just a little, sometimes it will be a full second or more off. There are times when it is also in sync (but not very often). This happens on recordings and live tv.

This issue does not seem to arise on any of the other channels.

What might be the cause of this. Does anyone else experience this type of issue with just one channel? Is this something support can view in the logs? I have another ABC channel, but it is in another direction and I would need a different antenna if I am going to pick that one up. Seems unnecessary if this syncing issue could get resolved. Any ideas?


You didn’t say what your tablo audio settings are. Or whether this happens on all playback devices or only one.


I set it to Stereo just in case I want to listen on a computer. I mainly listen on Roku Ultras, but I am not tested the issue with any other device. I guess if I experience the issue in a recording, I could pull up that episode on my android phone and see if it appears there as well.


If you plug the antenna directly into your TV, do you see the A/V sync issue there as well?


So the problem persists on my computer and Android but that is likely because…

Yes, sync issues occur there as well, so it’s not a Tablo issue. I wasn’t convinced it was originally, but this confirms it.

Still curious if anyone has any ideas on what the issue might be. Is this problem symptomatic of a signal issue? The signal tests fine, but I’m not sure what else it could be.


I can only guess.

Most U.S. stations broadcast SAP audio in their OTA signal. Almost all of my channels have multiple SAP audio channels. Typically SAP audio channel 1 is English 5.1 or stereo. Many devices just use the audio in channel 1. So I have no idea if their would be a sync issue if instead of standard English it was descriptive. Some device will display what it thinks is in the SAP audio stream or allow the device to select a different SAP audio stream


I had some audio sync problems crop up as well and at first wondered if it was the Quad. But it’s not. In my case I was initially streaming to a Roku Premium+ stick. Since there was no audio sync problem direct from the antenna I tried a Fire TV 4K stick and the sync problem disappeared. I’ve not had sync problems on my iPhone 7+, iPad Pro, or Mac Safari Web App either. I’m not sure this proves my Roku has a sync problem or if it was just that particular broadcast channel at that given moment in time. I’m also going to try moving the Roku to a different TV.