Audio sync issue on playback

I was watching a recording today and there was suddenly a ‘blip/glitch’ at the 15 min mark (of a one hour show). Now the audio is out of sync. I had rewound and the behaviour appears to always happen after a certain point. Is there a way to +/- the audio?

This happens to me on occasion. In my case it was limited to one recording. Try pausing the recording for a minute and then restart. Works sometimes, otherwise you’ll have to scratch it off as a bad recording. Could be due to a temporary signal loss or some kind of RF interference during the recording process.

Happens on many of my recordings. I use the Chrome browser for playing back my recorded shows. I have tried recording in different qualities, streaming in different qualities and nothing seems to help. Some stations seem to be worse than others, so it may be bad recording, but it is strange that I can skip forward, then skip backward and is is synced again, for a few seconds\mins. Very annoying, but if I rip the show to a mp4 it is fine. It must be the player in Chrome.

@cfbenn Did pausing after the ‘blip’ correct this?

I will try simply pausing, however, I have discovered that this is only on chrome. Firefox appears to work fine. One thing I have noticed is that, if there is a slight pixelation (blip), in Firefox, the sound stops too, so it remains in sync. In chrome, the sound continues. Both Firefox and Chrome “appear” to use the same media player.

I tried a few various things to help troubleshoot it. I would pause and resume but that didn’t work. I rewound to before the ‘blip’ and it was fine. After the ‘blip’, it went out of sync. Must have been something with the broadcast.

I use VLC to watch various videos and it has a good audio sync +/- to deal with such issues. A nice to have but probably not common. I haven’t seen it on any other recordings yet.

I discovered that I had an audio sync problem when using Chrome but not other browsers. The solution was to disable hardware acceleration within Chrome. Now I can watch for hours without the audio sync problem.

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