Audio sync adjustment

Is there any way to adjust the audio sync? It appears to be slightly off (maybe 100ms or so).

@sportpilot - There aren’t currently any features to manually change the audio/video sync.

The only time we’ve been able to detect an audio/video sync issue has been while using a Bluetooth headset - any chance you’re seeing this issue with a Bluetooth setup?

No, this was when using the built-in speakers on the tablet.

@sportpilot I’ve seen a weak 5ghz signal cause audio issues.  Don’t happen to be using 5 vs 2.4?

It may be, but signal strength was very high, only about 15’ from the access point.

@sportpilot Are you consistently reproducing this issue? Does this happen on multiple devices, or only on the tablet you mentioned earlier? Feel free to send me the details directly:

It only happens on the tablet (ASUS Transformer), haven’t noticed any sync issues with the web client or the Rokus. I haven’t tried to use it on the tablet much, so I’ll try again and let you know what I find.