Audio sound adjustment

How do you program tablo audio to the tv you use? Audio is too low even all the way up to max sound

While this is a frequent complaint, there are those of us that have no problem at all. So, it could be “fixed”, and make the other half very angry. Not sure what the solution is.

Do you have a network Tablo or the HDMI model? For the HDMI model I think there is a volume on the HDMI controller and on the TV. You’d want the HDMI volume all the way up.

This has been a complaint since I got my Tabli yet they refuse to simply increase the volume for every channel

My volume levels are fine and similar to other apps when using Roku or Chrome or other browsers. What clients do you experience this with or are you using the HDMI model as @mbellaire asked?

I use HDMI option and Tablo is THE LOWEST. I MUST LOWER the volume when watching Philo or TV

My main TV is a 10+ year old Vizio using a Roku Ultra with a network Tablo. When using Tablo we have to turn the TV volume up to about 30. When watching anything else other than Tablo we have to turn the volume down to around 22. The TV’s volume goes up to 100 so we never run out.

When I owned a TiVo Roamio OTA, I had to significantly turn up the volume on all my local channels, in the same way I do for local channels on my Tablo Quad network. I always have to turn up volume for local channels and back down when streaming.

Based on this, I wonder if broadcast channels in general need to actually raise their volume output. The only local I don’t have to jack the volume up much on is the Jackson, Mississippi PBS affiliate.

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