Audio Settings for XBOX One

Greetings Tablo Community,

I just got my Tablo 4-Tuner and my digital antenna up and running less than a week ago. So far, the experience with my Roku devices has been plug and play, and with one exception, hiccup free.

Today, I decided to install the app on my XBOX because, why not?

Installation was without incident, but when I attempt to play a stream, live or recorded, there’s no audio. I fiddled around with the settings on the XBOX, but before doing more I thought I’d ask what settings other XBOX users have configured to get their devices working.

Appreciate any and all assistance!

Do you have Surround Sound turned on? Check the Settings in the Tablo app on the Roku. XBOX app does not support Surround Sound (5.1 Dolby AC3) audio.

Turn off Surround Sound and the audio will work on your XBOX.

It was in fact set to Surround Sound, so I turned it off via the Roku app settings. But it didn’t make a difference, so I turned it back on. And it seems that audio on the recordings is working when with Surround Sound turned on. I guess before I didn’t wait long enough for the audio to kick in.

I’ll fiddle with some more with it when I have more time.

Turning the SS off will only change the audio for new recordings, not old recordings.

Makes sense, but that just means my Xbox is playing recordings that were made with Surround Sound set to Yes.

Weird. See:

Just wanted to update and say that after turning off the surround setting, the Xbox eventually began playing audio for live streams. So because I’m curious, and I don’t rely on the Xbox for any viewing, I re-enabled SS, went back to the Xbox and expectedly, the audio went away. So, I went back into Roku, turned SS back off, and went back to Xbox - no audio. Not a surprise, right? So I restarted the Xbox - still no audio. It’s been a few days, and I haven’t checked again…if it still doesn’t work, I will unplug the Xbox - I think I may have done this before when I was pulling out the DirecTV box and cleaning up some cables…thanks for the help!

Now, I’ll be posting about the weird issues I’m experiencing with my Insignia Roku TV.