Audio Problem

At times, when I get an occasional signal blip for a half second and the screen comes back 100% clear, the audio will be coming only out of the left channel. And it will stay like that until another occasional signal blip drops the signal for a half second. This could last for hours on one program (sports for example). It is not an app issue because I hear it both on my Roku playback and on my tablet playback.

It seems like an inability for the hardware to properly recalibrate the audio signal when a brief loss of the antenna transmission occurs. I have experienced this on occasion since I purchased Tablotv this Spring.

@Psilver1 If you rewind and watch for the same ‘blip’ does the weird audio behaviour happen again? As in - is it reproducible each time you play the same few seconds of video? 

Does the video ever have issues on this channel/recording in question? Or is it all just audio?