Audio out of sync on Roku

Recent recordings on My Tablo (Wired) running version 2.2.18 have audio out of sync with the video when using a Roku for playback. I access the Tablo via two TCL Roku TV’s (Wireless) and a standalone Roku player (Wired). All Roku devices have the issue., wired or wireless, does not have this issue. On the Roku’s I also have the Tablo Beta app. Both Roku Tablo app’s versions have the issue. I suspect Roku pushed an update that affected the Tablo apps. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

What model of Roku (outside the TV ones)? Just curious, but I keep hearing this, but only on the newer Rokus. I’ve have the older gen 3 Roku3 and one of the refresh Roku3, and I’ve never seen the problem, but I hear it’s more Roku related than any particular app/service.

What version of the Roku software are your devices using? You can check this by navigating to: Settings > System About > Software version.