Audio out of sync live ota

Tablo 4th generation with Roku ultra. Audio and Video are out of sync with OTA live broadcast . audio is lagging by 15 to 20 seconds. had this problem last fall. Turning off closed caption fixed. Tablo team rolled out new version to fix, now it is back. Checked and CC is still turned off. any one else seeing this
what is the new fix.
Not appearing on every channel but some channels.
software version # 2.2.50

Have you tried playback on another device?

@Matt_Olrich Are you still seeing this today? Are there any commonalities to the channels you’re seeing this on? (Are they all in the same group of channels/subchannels, are those channels all broadcasting in 720p vs. 1080i?)

Testing the same channels on a different device is also a good step.

I have two roku devices both ultra’s and yes both were doing the same thing… not doing it now but was this morning .