Audio level setting?

Are there any settings I might need to investigate re low audio levels in Tablo recordings. It seems to me that I have to crank up the volume a lot more when watching/listening to Tablo recordings than when I watch any other programming source.

Used to have the volume counter around the 22 level, with Tablo it’s now at 76+. I don;t see anything in Tablo’s setup and I’ve also looked in the Roku app - there setting up :night mode" seems to make a bit of positive difference, but I"m worried I’ll blow my ears out if I forget to lower the volume before seitching to one of my other sources (Netflix, Amazon, etc.)

Known issue. Many other threads on this. No real solution.

Thanks. must have missed those other mentions in my half-baked search.

Who knows what the solution would be since I’m not sure anyone knows what the problem is.

I only use the speakers in the TV. My Roku 4200 is low volume but the Roku 4210 is normal volume - same as all the other OTT apps. But the CBS News app is very loud on both. And the TV’s are the same brand.

You;re suggesting it’s an issue on the Roku, specifically? I might test that by playing the same thing through the LG TV’s WebOS app. Thanks for the suggestion.