Audio Issues between apps

Having the option to enable surround sound is quite nice. Using it with the Roku app works well… Well… As long as we’re only watching via Roku. Trying to watch another channel via Windows app or Android and there’s no audio for those devices.

Maybe those apps just need updates? Definitely not a good thing to only have audio available for one device. And both the Windows and Android apps don’t have the option to switch audio (no way to disable surround sounds on them). So I disable surround sound via Roku and… still no audio for Windows or Android apps.

It takes a Tablo restart to reset audio and get sound back.

This is normal and expected behaviour.

Read this:

So, having to reboot the Tablo between sounds settings is expected behavior? The article said the changes would be immediate.

I think it’s more so that rebooting forces all tuners to use the new audio settings from that point forward. Otherwise if you make the change while stuff is recording I don’t think those in-use tuners use the new settings until they are next “free”.

@Nilex is correct. If you change any setting (like the streaming quality or surround sound), it doesn’t affect tuners in use.

You dont have to reboot. Just tune other channels until the old ones are not being tuned anymore. Then you can go back to those channels.

And one of the main reasons surround sound was put off for so long was that incompatibility with Windows and Android. If you use those clients regularly, then you probably shouldn’t use surround sound.

I meant not getting any sound on Windows and some Android devices is expected, not a bug.