Audio issue - squeaky noise

My original 2 tuner Tablo died and so I purchased a Dual Lite (refurb.) from Tablo store as a replacement. Now, I just realized that some of my recording’s audio has squeaky noises.
All channels have strong (5 green) signal. Doesn’t happen all the time. It also happened when watching live too.
Anyone has any idea what causes it? Thanks.

Do a search on chirping youll find it’s been ongoing, yet not “repeatable” enough to debug …or something like that.

Some have reported that turning on the Tablo surround option fixes the issue. However please be aware that not all clients can handle surround (video with no audio).

When I bought my dual lite (will be year in March) had the squeaky thing saw here to turn surround on, never happened again. Using Roku Expresses.

Thank you all for the info. I’ll give surround sound a try. Will report back.

After turning on Surround Sound, no more audio issue. Thank you all for the tips.

I’ve reported this issue to support, unfortunately they only want to believe that it was the signal which is the cause of the issue.

I’ve had Tablo for about five years and have always rescanned the channels to “fix” this issue. The issue cropped up again today and the “rescan” did not work (for the first time in five years). I tried the solution listed above (using surround sound) and it seems to have cured the issue.