Au revoir my Canadian Saviors, Job well done

Well, after the latest updates to the firmware and the Andorid app I can happly say I am 200% satisfied with my Tablo and lifetime guide subscription. Thanks @TabloTV @TabloSupport Job well done! I had my doubts that you could get HLS steaming to work on the Chromecast as slick as you did, great work!

I say good by to the forms because my appetite has been quenched for my ATSC PVR solution that works as I would expect at the price point on a hard wired Chromecast & wireless Chromecast.

There seems to be a lot of people in here working out issues, not to worry, I believe there are even more that are completely satisfied and do not need to populate the forms because they aren’t cursed with flaky reception, scummy hard drives, lousy routers or just crappy carrier locked phones horking over Android.

I’ll check back once and a while just to see, but not too often.

Great work @snowcat ! The Tablo team have a great partner.

Si longtemps, et merci pour tous les poissons


I thought you were saying good bye because you were an unhappy customer. Glad to see someone not just complain once in a while.

But out of curiosity, what is your level of technological knowledge? Do you work somewhere in the field?

If not, great, that means Tablo made a very user friendly product.

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@theuser86 The only expertise it brought to the user experience is not expecting indoor antennas, subpar routers, or carrier crippled mobile devices to work. Also spent a bit more for an “Enterprise” grade hard drive.
I would recommend ST1000NM0033 1TB, ST32000645NS 2TB, ST3000NM0033 3TB, ST4000NM0033 4TB.
Think it should also work the the sister drives that are 4K native and even the larger capacities, correct @TabloSupport?

Also, decent enclosure that doesn’t bake the drive.
I use the ICY DOCK MB881U3-1SA and a MK2002TSKB TB drive.
The MK2002TSKB is EOL and getting pricey.

Have been using the Seagate “Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD” line at work for 500+ TB of storage with good results for the past 6 months.

Well worth it IMO.

Only came back because I found this gem I had to share with the @TabloTV team.

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Now that’s a lot of videos :stuck_out_tongue:

There are some users that are happy that don’t even have what @ChrisWikes has. I don’t have a dedicated router (use the Uverse Arris G589 modem/router) and I do use an indoor antenna (Amazon Basic) and I still have had a very good Tablo experience using the newer Roku 3’s (and one new Roku 2). That is true even though my download speeds from Uverse are only 22Mbps and uplad of 2Mbps. I have hard wired everything using DECA connectors and some switches. Even with 1080p setting, I have not had the problems I read about and have not watched an advertisement in many years (i.e. I fastforward with the best of them). Tablo Connect works beautifully. Tablo does everything I needed it to do. Every improvement in the software is just gravy to me.

So now we know that there are at least 3 Tablo users whose Tablo experience is not “unacceptable.”

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I’m having a good Tablo experience as well… I know where the weaknesses are with the Tablo, and in my home setup. Recently, I upgraded my router and it’s working even better. I have a few channels that are at the limits of reception with my present antenna, so I just ordered a better one that (I hope!) should pull them in with ease, giving me a lot more OTA content from which to choose.

The couple of Tablo issues I’m aware of, thermal and ESD, I’ve dealt with. I have Tablo standing up on the narrow edge, and I have a fan blowing air across the bottom. Nuvyyo says it’s not an issue, but my preference is to have the box run cooler, especially with all 4 tuners in operation. For ESD control, I have the Tablo out of site, and no longer touch along the underside front edge, which would cause a reset when my fingers approached. Out of site, out of mind.

My Tablo experience, unlike a few posts I see on the boards here, is quite different. Shows record when I want them to, I can watch, fast forward through commercials, delete, bulk delete, schedule, unschedule, search for new shows and schedule them, watch live or recorded content from anywhere on the planet where I have an internet connection, all in incredibly clear & sharp video. I don’t get constant buffering, nor do I care about having 5.1 surround sound… the sound I get is more than acceptable. There were some issues when I had Tablo on wi-fi, but after moving it to a hardwired Ethernet connection, they all went away.

Because Tablo is working really well for me, I was able to cancel DirecTV after 19 years of service. Most of what I watched was available on broadcast networks, and I supplement that with a couple of OTT streaming services. Because Tablo does everything I want, I’m not anxiously awaiting every firmware or Roku update that’s announced. WHen it comes, it comes. I didn’t need a 5TB hard drive, so I didn’t care when 2.2.2 was finally released, though with 2.2.2, I have noticed thumbnail generation seems to be more reliable. Even without thumbnails, I could still fast forward through commercials, but it was more of a guessing game. My 2 TB drive is far more than I anticipate needing, as my usage is typically to delete shows after watching. I’m not building a library. Even though Nuvyyo doesn’t support downloading content off the Tablo, a few enterprising souls have come up with some really nice solutions, so that when I travel, I can download a few shows to take with me to watch offline. Tablo Ripper works really well for my needs, and there are others out there that work well, so I don’t care whether Nuvyyo comes out with their own downloader or not.

So like you, I’m incredibly happy with the Tablo. The live TV grid for Roku came out shortly after I bought my 4 tuner Tablo, and it was icing on the cake. A really nice feature. If we never got another new feature for the Tablo, I would still be happy with my choice of OTA DVR… anything new would just further add to my enjoyment of the product.


I had to echo the good feedback in this thread,

I cut the cord about a month ago and haven’t had a regret, largely thanks to Tablo. Most of the kinks I’ve run into have been LAN related. It probably took me a few weeks, and tweaking/playing with my router placements and bands, but I now have a very good Tablo experience across 4 devices/TVs. I eventually settled on a wired connection for the Tabo>router, and am using 5ghz wi-fi on a Roku 2, Roku 3, and a Roku stick, and 2.4ghz wi-fi on an old Roku LT in my office (sits 5 feet from the router).

I’m using 720P, and while I’d like to get to 1080P/60FPS some day, it’s not a dealbreaker for me.

I’m not an engineer or a network expert, but I’d say have a decent layman’s knowledge of the space. I’ve been able to fill in my knowledge gaps mostly by lurking here and digesting the thoughts of the intelligent community, and I think that’s been a large part of getting the most of Tablo. I’m certain that if I didn’t take the time to do my homework and optimize my set-up, I may be saying other things right now about performance. It’s been more maintenance to me than my old cable solution was to implement, but I’ve completely geeked out on this and found it to be really fun and exciting to learn, and do think now that I’ve settled on a plan it’ll be easy watching from here.

All that said, I think it’s equal parts ‘Thank you, Tablo’, and ‘Thank you, community.’

Just bought my lifetime subscription, so I am all in on this.

Thanks everyone!! It’s nice to have a bit of sunshine to come into on a Monday morning. :sunny:

We tip our hats to you:

@ChrisWilkes - That video is awesome. I love that his Timmy’s is actually frozen. Adds to the Canadian-ness :wink:

And yes, all drives that don’t suffer from frequent disconnects should be fair game now!