ATV 4 PLEX Tablo Channel Problem Solved - stuck on loading FIX

Found this on the Plex forums. First off I’m not a programmer or coder nor do I play one on TV. This is a Fix if your Plex updated and the Tablo Channel is stuck on Loading… I have Plex server running on my Mac OSX 10.11.4 and this got the channel working again. I’ll make this as simple as I can.

  1. From the Finder GO > Go To Folder…> ~/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins (Click Go)
  2. right+click on Tablo.bundle and select “show package contents” then open contents folder
  3. open the “Code” folder and open the file “__ init __ .py
  4. Do a command+F or search for R(ART) We are going to be removing those lines or commenting them out.

so… = R(ART) = R(ART) = R(ART)

are whats screwing up the plug in. I just commented mine out by placing a hashtag and a space before each of those lines as indicated below then Save the file. From what I understand this would also potentially fix other channels by removing the R(ART) lines.

# = R(ART)# = R(ART)
``# = R(ART)

Relaunch your Plex Tablo Channel and it should now work as it did before the Plex update. I can now retire my AirPlay device :grin:

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For those on Windows:

  1. Right click Plex icon on taskbar

  2. Open Plug-ins Folder

  3. Browse to Folder: Tablo.bundle\Contents\Code\

  4. Open (with Notepad++):

  5. Edit file and save it with the following changes - comment the lines with # as shown below in bold:

    def Start():
    Log(LOG_PREFIX + "Starting TabloTV Plex Channel Plugin: " + VERSION)
    # Plugin setup
    Plugin.AddViewGroup(“InfoList”, viewMode=“InfoList”, mediaType=“items”)
    Plugin.AddViewGroup(“List”, viewMode=“List”, mediaType=“items”)

     # Object / Directory / VideoClip setup
     ObjectContainer.title1 = TITLE
     ObjectContainer.view_group = 'InfoList'
     **#** = R(ART)
     DirectoryObject.thumb = R(NOTV_ICON)
     **#** = R(ART)
     VideoClipObject.thumb = R(NOTV_ICON)
     **#** = R(ART)

Source: craighuckabee @

And now a new Plex update is out as well that should fix it as well.