Attic Tablo and Heat?

I just bought a new Tablo. It is currently in my Attic with my antenna and it’s new 2TB, usb 3.0 hard drive. The problem is, it is VERY hot up there. Electronics and heat do not go together well so I was wondering if I should:

  1. Cut open some duct work and just put it in a vent duct and duct tape it up. Then it would be super cool.
  2. Put it on the second floor (below the attic) along with the antenna (flat 2x2 foot square or so) in a room down there and fish an ethernet cord up there.
  3. Your better suggestion than 1 or 2.

Second question with this: With this flat antenna, I get about 45 channels or so, 25 feet up or so in my attic, pressed up against a wall. When I just did my simple test in my bedroom, putting it up against a window, about 17 feet up or so, I get 65 channels. Do those flat antennas work best against windows, or based on height? Also, should I ditch the flat antenna and get a different antenna for the attic? I don’t think we are allowed to put one up on our house (covenants).
Thank you in advance.

Tablo has posted in the past the allowable environmental temps - and your typical attic that gets hot in the summer was above what they consider acceptable.
Wouldn’t putting it the duct work would subject it to your heating system in the winter?
I’d put in in the room below as you mention, and if you get improved antenna reception, well, that’s just a bonus. My guess is your roof blocks more of the OTA signal than the pane of glass in the room below, accounting for the improved performance - or possibly you just have it aimed in a better direction at the window. If you get 65 channels with the flat antenna, I can’t imagine much improvement from a larger traditional antenna in your attic.

From Tablo:
TabloTVMar 2
@dub - Safe operating temperature for Tablo is 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C) so it sounds like your garage may be pushing safe boundaries.

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Tablo has stated in the above thread that the safe operating temperature of the Tablo is 41 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit so it would be too hot in an attic. I would be concerned about moisture in ductwork. #2 might be your safest option.

As for the antenna, height and a clear line of sight are very important factors. An attic antenna should give you the best results 2nd to the roof, but if you’re pulling in 65 channels you shouldn’t need to worry too much.

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Thanks for the answer guys. I didn’t even think of heat in the winter! The problem is, the place I fish it down to is not the same room I get 65 channels in and the antenna is huge and ugly. I’ve heard that signal loss is huge in an antenna, which is why they recommend the attic. So should I buy an attic antenna, an amplifier, and send that down to a bedroom with the Tablo? Thanks for all the help. Trying to figure out the optimal solution without an awful antenna in a bedroom. And 95 is definitely going to be passed in an Attic in Atlanta in the Summer.

I’m trying to avoid a bunch of ugly cables through the upstairs also.

I had the same issue. I live in a 2 story house. So I kept the antenna in the attic which is just above my closet. Then drilled a hole in the wall and got the wire down to the tablo which is sitting in my closet.That way the antenna stays in the attic and the tablo stays inside the house.

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The attic will be 95 in Winter in Atlanta!!

I think your best bet is to get a large enough antenna in the attic to pull in all the channels you want, and figure some way to get a coax cable from the antenna to where your Tablo is. Don’t over-worry about the length of the coax run at this point - unless it is really long (100’) you probably have nothing to worry about if you have strong signal to the antenna.

Have you looked at to see what they recommend for what type of antenna you might need and where the transmitters are for the channels you can receive?
Running coax from the attic to the floor below is usually pretty doable - either via closets or just snaking it in the wall (interior wall if you can - no insulation to deal with).