Attenna selection jacksonville florida

ABC a big issue with reception, using a Mohu Leaf I had before cutting for good,
Channels come in good, next day out of range, constantly from day to day having re-position antenna.
Have bought 2 new one’s so far, took one back, would have returned the first but scuffed it up with all the placement attempts, so stuck with it.
Using my old Mohu’s work as good as any, upgraded internet to the highest I could, improvements, but holding signals is difficult, especially with ABC, PBS, any advice welcome.

How far away from the transmission towers are you? Are the signals VHF-Low, VHF-High or UHF? Are they in multiple directions, or close together? All of these will have a big effect on what antenna you purchase, and how well they work…

If you can post a link to your report from - I could give you a suggestion as to what to get (this report doesn’t show where you live - only the zip code).

Had 2 older Mohu leaf Antennas, which I was using 1 after reading one of these posts, from a contributor and she said… they used 2 amplified antennas, with a splitter, I had 2 antennas and a splitter, but no amplification, so hooked them up, and moved them around about a hundred times, it seemed, and lo and behold, getting everything I want, will see if this holds more than a day, but worth a try.
Would love some consistent reception, will update the results soon.

I had similar problems with Mohu leaf… solved by upgrading to the Mohu Glide and mounting it in my attic. I had to go thru 3 different antennas in my attic before I found the Glide, so not a quick easy process.