ATSC 3.0 Tablo? Tablo HDMI?

Given your PSA against getting ATSC 3.0 yet I think you’re sending mixed “signals”. ROTFLOL, just teasing a bit. There are a lot of early adopter here that just want to mess with it for fun. We want to kick the wheels and see how it works.

I think he was being consumer pragmatic. But still, being able to see reception differences even without much quality difference is certainly interesting.

But it does look like mass adoption is still many many years off.

I figured people would go through a full TV gen purchase wise… now it looks like people might go through 2 to 3 (or more) before ATSC 3.0

All I was saying is “today”, there isn’t a huge need to get an ATSC 3.0 device, unless you are a tech head and like to play. I still use my Tablo DVRs because they work almost flawlessly (the only complaint is when sports go too long and my shows are run late - but that isn’t the fault of Tablo).

A large company can afford to live on the cutting edge, and invest millions into getting ATSC 3.0 up and running, and perhaps become the “leader” in the market. Smaller companies don’t have that advantage, and have to put out proven products to keep customer’s happy.

I an anxiously awaiting full deployment, where a broadcaster can have more than 10 HD “channels” (or 4K) on a single RF frequency - and it has been theorized literally hundreds of SD channels. Higher reliability of transmissions… A lot to look forward to. Would love it to be “live” now…

As I said just poking fun. You’re obviously one of the curious type like me. I’ve been thinking they will use a lot of that bandwidth in other ways. It’s going to be interesting to see how that might be.

It looks to me like TV manufacturers are going BIG when it comes to screens. Even the lower cost brands are getting into the 80+ inch market. When TCL and Hisense put ATSC 3 in their products we will know it’s going mainstream. I was fully expecting my next primary TV to have ATSC 3 but @cjcox I’m now thinking it might be my next… next TV. :cry:

Side note: Selection of sub 40 inch TVs are slimming fast. We recently went shopping for my parents RV and had size limitations. I couldn’t believe how few there we to select from in store.

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It will be interesting to see if streaming or broadcasts will “take over” the world… With more people having access to high speed internet (I define that as greater than 100Mbps down), it costs a lot less for transmission of signals via the internet compared to cableTV, satelliteTV and/or OTA TV. Other than color vs. black & white, TV didn’t change much between the 1950s and 1990s. From the 2000s to now, TV has radically changed (SD to HD to 4K, digital broadcasts, dolby audio, etc), and the future is almost unlimited as to what can happen…

I don’t think they picked h.265 over h.264 or vp9 because there wasn’t a significant reduction bit-rate,

And maybe better transition will occur when the Amlog chips that support h.265 decoding for TV SoC and Media Play SoC have a price reduction.

There probably are personal side branches to ffmpeg that have compiled in AC-4. Thus allowing Plex and VLC to work. But some people claim that AC-4 works on Channel DVR