ATSC 3.0 interfering with Quad

8 local stations added ATSC 3.0 ( and since then my Quad has had reception problems. The picture breaks up, none of the programs I record will skip commercials or even show thumbnails. I hooked up my old Tivo Roamio and it still receives and records OK without picture breakup running a splitter on the same antenna.

Is Tablo aware of ATSC 3.0 interfering with ATSC 1.0 reception? I’m hoping they’re working on a software patch to correct this problem.

Didn’t the article indicate that OTA users would need to re-scan. Wouldn’t that mean that these channels might have moved to a different broadcast RF and thereby a different location. And might that also mean the new tower might have less power, be VHF vs UHF, or in a direction requiring your antenna to be adjusted.

I rescanned, no help. I thought that maybe the stations had cut power to their ATSC 1.0 signal to get enough to broadcast their new ATSC 3.0 signal but my Tivo Roamio seems to receive as good as it always has.

If my theory that the ATSC 3.0 signal is somehow interfering with the Tablo tuners ability to receive the old ATSC 1.0 signals I would expect to also see that in my Tivo but I don’t. I also connected my antenna directly to my TV and did a channel scan - no drop outs there either.

I wish I knew other Tablo users locally to see if they’ve started having reception problems too when ATSC 3.0 broadcasts started.

Note that the Tablo Quad incorporates a 4-way splitter in front of the 4 tuners, so the signal present at each tuner will be less than the signal your TV sees with a direct hookup, so it’s not really an apples to apples comparison. You might try re-orienting your antenna to maximize the received signal, or possibly look into a better antenna.

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Just fyi, a 4 way splitter with amplification compensation. Not suggesting it’s “enough”, but it is there supposedly.


KSMO-TV and KMCI-TV were converted to ATSC 3.0 and their ATSC 1.0 broadcast(channels) distributed to other RF frequencies.

I am in the KC Metro area so was impacted by the KSMO-TV/KMCI-TV switch to ATSC 3.0. I did have to rescan after they went live with their ATSC 3.0 transmitter to get their new ATSC 1.0 frequency but am receiving their ATSC 1.0 signals with no problem on our Tablo.

The OP never explained what channels started to have problems. Or if any of the stations mentioned in the article don’t hve problems.They could be at the fringe reception area based on the antenna type, directional positioning, amplification, broadcast tower distance, etc.

Who knows.

Thanks, I wondered why I lost those channels, rescanned and now they are fine on all 3 of my Tablos.