ATSC 3.0 implementation

What are the plans to adopt ATSC 3.0?



ATSC isn’t a “government mandate” and 3.0 and the current standard can co-exist along with the cost of broadcasting upgrade.

Kinda looking forward to this year and upgrading from a 720p 50” Pioneer Elite plasma straight to a 65 or 75” 8k set. I don’t have to worry about the built in tuner as I’m sure Tablo will have my back when the time is right.

8K whoa - is there any 8K content out there? Other than NSFW

Not really, but those are the high-end sets that will be staring at us from Costco and Best Buy at some point this year; might as well skip 4k, which is so 2017. Right now most of what I watch is actually 720p or 1080i and I still marvel at the quality, but the 50" plasma is getting a little long in the tooth (as am I), the cheap motel plasma buzz can be annoying at times, I’m missing out on HDR and have a little screen size envy too.

So what’s the point of paying a premium to upgrade now when there really isn’t much content that can even take advantage of it?

If there isn’t any 4k OTA… tablo doest “display” OTA natively, so isn’t 8k from wishful thinking?

Agreed. And so I wait. But I don’t buy TVs very often so I’d pay for a premium upgrade. I’m seeing more and more 4k content promoted on sites like Amazon Prime, and it’s only a matter of time before we’ll see 8k via OTT playforms. Makes sense to future proof any high end purchase.

Not expecting 8k from Tablo, but it makes sense to consider an 8k high end tv even without an ATSC 3.0 tuner for the OTT possibilities. I’m betting Tablo will come out with “Quad 3.0” within the next 18 months.

Since ATSC 3.0 isn’t straight up OTA - it combines broadcast and broadband, is it going to be freely DVR compatible? There’s an “interactive” component, how will that play with time-shifting viewing?

It’s a very true statement that it’s going to be “different”.
Has the potential to disrupt the whole DVR market in fact (as the feature might just come with your TV).

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Good question, but from what I’ve read the broadband hook will not be mandatory. They’re trying to thread the needle of keeping the 5g carriers happy enough to allow OTA apps on mobile devices. I hope I’m right about that.

…from which end?

or are they trying to compete with cable/satellite? and blend in with OTT services?

As a conspiracy theorists - I suspect we only know as much as “they” want us to know. :alien:

From the device maker’s end. So I think Tablo will be able to make a “Quad II ATSC3” with a bunch of tuners that do nothing but receive 4k OTA. On the other hand mobile device makers would never create such an animal.

Yes. And can’t we see a day where expensive towers sitting on expensive land will one day be no more; our Quad II ATSC3’s reduced to paperweights?

You don’t see the “broadcaster” or content provider deciding whether or not you’ll need broadband to view their content? Couldn’t this also open the flood gates for a subscription and/or DRM? regardless if your device supported it… you could be SOL.

And those in rural America and regions not severed by wired broadband… well we would be SOL without evil transmission towers.

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