AT&T TV Now streaming service gets yet another price hike

One of the reason I like my tablo with lifetime sub.

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AT&T can kiss my … Terrible company IMO.

We’re on a grandfathered plan. They jacked it up $10 when they redid the plan packages. That was not real long ago. Now they want another $10? I have not got the email yet but we will be cancelling them. Looking at Hulu TV now.

AT&T really doesn’t know what to do with this. And they are going to flush it all away.

I had it when they are DirectTV Now at $35 a month and got a free apple TV 4k too cancel it once they raise there price 5 bucks. Before I have Tablo I was paying Direct TV satellite 140 a month and realize what I watch is mostly local channels that’s when I look for a different option and discover Tablo and sub it with netflix and Philo and never going back, I still pay $16 on Philo got grandfather still the cheapest for 20 bucks.

Yeh giving thought to my next move. Giving thought about switching to youtubetv