At&t Internet 25/5 setup

I am trying to setup Tablo Connect using my current internet provider. I know this is not the fastest but i think it should do better. I was able to setup port forwarding but I have tried the lowest remote playback setting and still no better. What I see is when I am on my Verizon cell, i get about a 10 sec playback it buffers then gives me a disconnect message. Has anyone used ATT with Tablo Connect?

I have, but I have 50/10 service. You may need to contact AT&T to get at least 10 upload speed rather than 5. Using the lowest setting in tablo may help, but if it doesn’t the issue is your AT&T upload speed.

I have used connect when I had 3 down 1 up and it worked fine. I now have 20 down 3 up (I think) as they switched me to more service. You may want to check your internet speeds and make sure you are getting what you paid for.

I did a speed check yesterday when I posted my initial post and I am getting 33 down and 4.8 up. What I find interesting is no matter what size I set the streaming to the stream times out and disconnects from the tablo at the same time. Almost like the upstream port is only stay in open for a period of time. Thanks everyone for being willing to share your knowledge.

I believe I have solved the problem. I found a UDP and TCP Session timeout setting in the firewall area of my AT&T supplied router. TCP was set to the max setting of 86400 seconds. UDP was set at the minimum of 60 seconds. I increased the UDP to the max of 43200 seconds. I have been able to stream live and recorded content at six different tests today.

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