Asus RT-AC66U remote access

so i used to have a negear wireless router with xfinity. my remote access worked fine.
i switched to metronet provider and a new asus rt-ac66u wifi router. I have tried countless amounts of combinations to get the remote access to return again.

my traceroute leads me to believe i’m not double natted.
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 2.706 ms 1.870 ms 1.919 ms
2 ( 31.949 ms 31.812 ms 31.662 ms

anybody else having issues with this router?

What is Could that be a cable modem/router and if so then you might be double natted. BTW, I have the Asus RT-AC66R which is the same router but sold via Best Buy. I setup mine as an access point for a Netgear cable/modem. My Tablo connects to an ethernet port on my Asus and my remote connect works fine. If you do have a cable/modem in the mix you might need to setup the cable/modem in bridge mode or configure your Asus as an access point like I have mine.

What is the WAN IP on the Asia RT-AC66 router? If you don’t want to give the whole IP, just provide the first two set of numbers do 192.168. or 10.0. etc


any other thoughts? i just set up my plex remote access with no issues and with no setup on my part, it just automatically did it. so i am fairly sure if i was double natted, plex would have an issue too

I tried to look up if 100.90.x.x was an external IP or internal IP with no luck so I can’t tell if you’re double NAT’d or not.

And the computer running Plex is directly connected to your Asus router? It’s not connected to your ISP modem?

192.168.x.x , 10.x.x.x, 172.16.x.x or private not routed to internet.
asus router with the NAT
xfinity is using a router with NAT
where is the wifi connected?
do all your nodes have the same network address eg:192.168.1.x
I see a double NAT, but that’s only a problem for incoming connections or if the nodes are connected in different NAT’s