Artwork on Chromecast with Google TV

I’m wondering if anyone has the same issue. Tablo works fine with Roku, although channel changing can be a bit slow and I’m not able to connect a Bluetooth soundbar to the Roku. When I use Chromecast with Google TV, tablo works fine except the guide is quite laggy and artwork disappears and I have to reboot the Chromecast.

I prefer to use the Chromecast for several reasons, but the artwork thing is driving me nuts.

On the CC look for something called “Background Apps & Process List” in the store. I use that to close and stop everything once a week to clear things out. It takes a little getting used to, but it takes you to every open app and you can clear the cache and stop the program from running. Once a week I run it.

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Thanks for the info. This must be an issue that’s specific to the Chromecast. I tried my Firestick and Roku and they’re both fine. Going to go with Firestick for now, since I find the interface a little nicer than Roku. I’ve actually ordered a Fire TV, so fingers crossed on that. Even if it gives me trouble. though, I’ll still have the Firestick as a backup.

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