Artwork is off center or cut off, title omitted

Does anyone have any background on why so many programs have guide data artwork that is either off center or cut off (to the point that often the title is missing). Is this a problem with the gracenote data and does the help desk assist if this is reported for a specific program?
Here are some examples of what I’m referring to:

Any one assisting is going to want/need to know what device you’re view this on/with -

Tablo works with a variety and not everyone will be using the same as you.

There's a possibility it may be related to the references in the [notes]( regarding the newest firmware:

Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.32

• Adds support for required guide data image change coming later this month

It may be a “work in progress”.

I am seeing this for some shows using the AppleTV app.

I don’t see this issue on PC (Windows 10 with the Tablo app), Roku or Chromecast with Google TV.

Adding to the list iOS 14.4 (iPad), no issue.

Great point. I didn’t think to list because I use across a variety of platforms and see it on all of the following and supposed that it was “app agnostic”:

  1. Roku (OS 9.4)
  2. Window 10 App
  3. Web App (using Microsoft Edge)
  4. Android App (on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet)
  5. iPhone App (14.4 on an iPhone 6S Plus)

I originally supposed that when gracenote creates the artwork layout, most ‘customers’ (Netfilx,Vudu,etc) use with horizontal tiles and perhaps they have to be adapted to fit Tablo’s vertical format with perhaps sub-optimal results?
ex. the ABC app

I’m seeing this since my classic 4-tuner updated to 2.2.32. It’s only on TV shows; movies and sports don’t have an issue. The TV shows seem to be generating the thumbnails from a vertical crop of the show-page graphic.

Some of my favorite inscrutable titles:

  • “Amer”
  • “Black”
  • “e ods”
  • “elle GA GA”
  • “BI”
  • “nan”
  • “m”
  • “ALTEA”
  • “corn”
  • “-1”
  • and two unrelated shows: “the Good” and “the Great”.

Somehow they could fit “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “NCIS: New Orleans” just fine, but the original got clipped to just “CIS”. “The Con” gets generic text overlaid on the cropped show page graphic, while “Bull” is just generic text on the blank blue rectangle for me (although the original report above shows it as “ULL”).

Roku, Android, and Web app. All show exactly the same thing.

I’ve forced redownloading of guide data. I’ve rebooted the Tablo. Neither one helped.

Do you see this with all of the TV program art?

In my case it seems to be random and not all are impacted.

I’m seeing this on a few shows now.

I think I’ll start to worry when it doesn’t get fixed and the thumbnail for the Masked Singer appears as nothing more then a green eye.

Exactly right! I ended up submitting a ticket. This was the response today.

This issue is the result of an update from our guide data provider and has been filed as a known issue with our team. We’re currently investigating it but we don’t have an ETA for an update at this time.


Think of it more like training to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. You just can’t buy a vowel

Any update on this? It seems most streaming providers display images in landscape mode with horizontal sides longer than vertical. Perhaps Tablo needs to change?

As noted in the release notes for the 2.2.32 firmware update, our guide data provider made some changes to the way they provide cover art images to us.

The test data we were given was sorted by size but the actual data being provided since the switchover isn’t. This lack of sorting means that sometimes the incorrect aspect ratio image is used. The plan is to add sorting logic to the next firmware update.

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I am not sure if the terminology is THUMBNAIL or TILES here. It’s what one sees that contains the program name. Starting at least a month ago, I noticed where about half of the ones I see via the 36 channels I receive are “distorted”. What is supposed to be contained and easy-to-read now falls outside of the frame of the THUMBNAIL or TILE. Notice the example I’ve attached. This is a PBS channel and along the first row, “American Experience” and the program beside it I think is “Ancient Skies” show what I’m attempting to describe. Note how the others look normal. Anyone else experiencing this?

Previously reported:

Thank you. Sorry I missed that post. I should have gone to “General Discussion”.

Add me as someone else who is experiencing this issue.

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