Arrow keys not working anymore in Chrome

When the Tablo first came out, I could use the left arrow key to skip back and the right arrow to skip forward, but that isn’t working anymore.   I do notice that the up and down arrows affect volume.  The space bar is still pausing correctly.

Is anyone else experiencing this?   I am seeing this on Chrome on both Win7 and Win8.1.

@Snowcat Our HTML5 engineer let us know about this bug and you should see a fix updated shortly. Thanks for the heads up!

You’re welcome.  I was getting a little worried that I was the only one with this issue.

I just checked it, and the arrow keys are working again.  Thanks!

@snowcat as an FYI, I plan on having the keyboard skip act more like Netflix’s where it pauses when you skip with the keyboard, letting you skip without yet seeking (so it’s instant). Then you’d unpause to resume. A key feature I need before implementing this is the thumbnail support over the scrubbar, which will eventually be coming – in talking to the engineers, it’s a bit more complicated than I was hoping but they are working on that feature too.

Cool.  Sounds like a good feature.  I just hope you can get IE support as well soon (I just received a first gen Surface RT tablet, and I would like to get the Tablo working on that as well).

@snowcat with regards to IE support, perhaps start a new thread with any issues you are encountering. IE and Firefox support are sorta there (IndexedDB local database instead of WebSQL) but that implementation is just not as well-tested.

When I have spare cycles, I can look through it and address them as you find them.

Of course, you don’t have to do any of this – that’s what the QA team here at Tablo will be addressing when the time comes. But if I have a handy list and some time to spare, I’d be running pretty low on excuses! :wink:

IE doesn’t work at all.  It can see the Tablo device and even do a sync, but all it gives you is a blank screen once it connects.

@snowcat using IE11 right? I can see most sections except Live TV which is indeed totally blank.

@snowcat snuck in a fix on the weekend to the Live TV screen for IE11. Should show up now

I have IE11 on my Windows Surface and my PC, and I get a blank screen on both of them after it does a sync.