Arris Router from TWC (Adding Ports)

Hi all.
Helping a family member out here. The Tablo App for iOS says that the Arris router needs 2 more ports.
Public Port: 21012 > Private Port: 8887
Public Port: 21010 > Private Port: 80
Public Port: 21011 (green check OK) Private Port: 443

The attached screenshot shows what the port config page looks like on Time Warner Cable’s Arris router. I can’t seem to input the numbers correctly. Advice on how to add these ports is appreciated! Time Warner told me this is a 3rd party issue (wasn’t much help).

I am confused about Public Port vs Outbound Port, Private Port vs Inbound Port.

Thank you!

So I have not done this on my own Tablo, but I believe you’ll need to add 3 port triggers:

Description Tablo1
Outbound port 8887 to 21012
Format TCP
Inbound port 21012 to 8887

Description Tablo2
Outbound port 80 to 21010
Format TCP
Inbound port 21010 to 80

Description Tablo3
Outbound port 443 to 21011
Format TCP
Inbound port 21011 to 443

  1. Please provide the exact model of your Arris router.

  2. You should not be using ‘port triggering’, you want to use the ‘virtual servers’ option. See the link below:

  3. An example of how to do the proper forwarding for be as follows, not what Angus provided. You will have 3 separate entries for the ports information you provided (yes even forward the 21011 to 443 even if its green).

Outbound port 21012 to 21012
Format TCP
Inbound port 8887 to 8887

Let us know how it goes.

Thank you, guys. Sorry, I have been distracted lately.

Both routers (2 different Tablo households) are Arris model DG1670. I am checking out these links this AM.

Yikes, I didn’t realize I needed a static IP for this (per info on the first link). We are consumer users; so, we have dynamic IPs. Is there any way around this?

I am attaching the Virtual Server screen for the DG1670.

You don’t need a static IP for your internet. What you do need is to assign the Tablo a static ip address on your router. (DHCP reservation).

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You will need 3 separate entries, one for each port forwarding. See my example below. The Private IP Address is the IP Address of the Tablo. However, your router likely assigns the Tablo’s IP via a DHCP server where if the router is restarted another different IP address will be assigned. You can imagine if the Tablo’s IP changes this will break the port forwarding. So you need to assign a static local IP to the Tablo. You do not need a Static WAN IP (aka a static IP from your ISP), this can be dynamic.

Inbound port 21012 to 21012
Format TCP
Private IP Address
Local port 8887 to 8887

For how to set up DHCP Reservation (aka a static local IP) for the Tablo, go to page 18 in the link below. Section 3.5.1 in the PDF lets you create a “fixed DHCP lease”, that’s what the manual calls DHCP Reservation.

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Thank you for spoon feeding me on this one, theuser86 - saved me a lot of frustration. I will be reading up on it & try it in the next few days.

Lol no problem.

So yes do it in this order:

  1. Set up the DHCP reservation.
  2. Forward the ports to the IP you picked in the DHCP reservation step.

Let us know how it goes.

Well, I appreciate the input. One router, at my mother’s house, is not cooperating – the Client List page won’t load. I even connected a laptop to the router by ethernet & used IE with no extensions installed – still can’t get the page to load.

Things were going okay fine on my own Tablo; then, I discovered that my Tablo has a bad (loose) USB port. I have to return it to unfortunately and start over.

I’ll try again as soon as I can. Although, I think my mother’s router may have to be exchanged.

I noticed the other thread where people were asking for a simple login-based remote setup for Tablo … I enthusiastically agree! :smiley:

Thank you.

Sorry to hear that. But let’s clarify one thing, even if login based remote access is added rather than the current pairing, you STILL need to have the port forwarding properly configured to allow remote access to the Tablo.

This is not a limitation of the Tablo, all routers have a firewall and perform NAT so you can use multiple devices behind one Public IP address. The point of port forwarding is so that you can open up specific ports through the firewall and also point those ports to one device on the router. Even with a login based remote access, if you don’t have the port forwarding (which is a one time setup), you will not be able to use the Tablo remotely.

Hello @theuser86.

One more try, please?

Each Tablo household has the same new cable modems (Technicolor TC8715D). I found the user manual here (it’s not much help):

(edit) I just realized this is a Quick Setup Guide. Still googling around for a real manual.

I have assigned a static IP for my Tablo:

These are the requirements in the Tablo’s settings:

The port forwarding screen looks like this:
Common Services dropdown choices: AIM, FTP, Other

What do you suggest I enter in this screen?

I did not find a “Virtual Server” option in this modem’s menu – I looked because I was supposed to use that on our old Arris modems.

Thank you kindly! :smile:

Port Triggering didn’t work – of course, I wasn’t doing it right. hehe. :disappointed_relieved:

@TBolt - Give our support team a call. They can walk you through this process and save you some aggravation :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I decided to move in the next couple months. After I’m settled in with (likely new) equipment, I’m glad to know that I can get help from the Support team for this.

Cheers 'til then!

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