Are You Ready for Some (Comskip on) Football?

Hi folks -

Earlier in October, we ran into some scaling issues with the Automatic Commercial Skip servers which required us to temporarily mark NFL Football as ineligible for processing.

We’re happy to report that as of now this restriction has been removed! Games recorded starting tonight will be uploaded and processed like other eligible recordings.

A Few Notes About Automatic Commercial Skip & Football
Football games are lengthy videos with a lot of commercials so processing may take a bit longer than the 1-2 hour average that we’re currently seeing for recording processing during prime time.

And while it would be ideal for fast-forward previews and commercial skips to be created during in-progress recordings so you could zip through the talking heads and beer ads before the game is over, that’s just not possible with the current product architecture. (Can you tell we’ve been reading survey responses?)

If you need a refresher on how to enable Automatic Commercial Skip or how the feature works, you can head over to the Tablo blog:

For an overview of the Automatic Commercial Skip ‘readiness’ messages within the Tablo apps, head over to the Knowledge Base:

Still have questions? Reply below or contact our helpful support team.