Are the Commercial Skip servers down 4/26/21?

This evening I recorded 6 programs during prime time (7 to 10 PM CDT) and so far none of them have been processed for Commercial Skip (10:50 PM CDT).

The programs recorded were:
The Voice and Debris on NBC.
The Neighborhood, Bob Hearts Abishola, All Rise and Bull on CBS.

I will normally see Commercial Skip completed within 1 hour max for half hour shows and within an hour and a half for 1 hour shows.

It has now been nearly 3 and one half hours since the first half hour show finished and still no Commercial Skip.

Also, over the past several months I have had numerous programs fail Commercial Skip but nothing is noted on the recording as to why Commercial Skip failed. Typically the thumbnails have been generated but there is no message saying Commercial Skip is ready or that Commercial failed due to poor reception or that Commercial Skip upload failed.

What’s going on?

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I also have not had any programs today with CS. Something must be wrong. Yesterday everything had CS.

Hi folks -

We are currently experiencing an issue with the Automatic Commercial Skip servers.

We’re investigating and will let you know when everything is back up and running.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for the update.

@TabloTV can you explain why I don’t receive any sort of message when Commercial Skip fails when the servers are operating correctly?

If commercial skip is working… it’s UP!!!

If it’s not working… it might be down.

(sorry, my evil humor quotient was deficient today)

UPDATE - Automatic Commercial Skip servers are now back online and working on processing the backlog of programs. Wait times for processing may be a bit longer than usual for the next few hours.

Please note that since your Tablo will only wait ~ 12 hours for a program to be processed, some airings recorded last night prior to approximately 11:00 p.m. ET may not be processed.

You were correct that none of the programs from 4/26/21 were processed for Commercial Skip. They all have a red dot with an X and show "Commercial Skip upload failed ".

On 4/27/21 I recorded 7 programs and 6 of the 7 processed correctly and Commercial Skip is ready on those 6 programs. However, the 7th program “Young Rock” on NBC has no red dot or yellow dot. The preview frames were generated, but it was not processed for Commercial Skip. As I stated above this happens nearly daily on one or more of my recordings.

Why is Commercial Skip so unreliable?

It’s possible that these recordings have a different error type that isn’t yet configured for notification. This particular error happens if there are more or fewer ad pods than expected for that length of program, or if those ads are much longer/much shorter than expected.

This error type will be categorized and given a notification during some upcoming updates.

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