Are legacy subscriptions free now? (Answer: nothing has changed)

I was reading the Tablo Facebook posts today, I came across a post from a Mike Smith.

“legacy accounts were automatically changed to the no charge lifetime subscription for the guide, probably without their knowledge. I’m a Legacy and it surprised the heck out of me when I didn’t get the 50 buck renewal on my card.”

I just wanted to see if anyone else can confirm this, especially those with monthly subscriptions.

You can see you subscription at


Nothing has changed on that front.

An active TV Guide Data Service subscription will always be required to use advanced features on legacy Tablo models using legacy Tablo apps. We have not made any changes to the status or plans of existing legacy accounts.

It’s possible that we simply weren’t able to process this person’s latest subscription payment and they are in a grace period before their subscription ends.

Thanks for the clarification!

If you have lifetime, they can save it to your account, even if you remove or sell your Legacy Tablo. I sold my Tablo Quad and emailed them and they removed the Quad and said the lifetime guide would still be on my account if I added a Legacy model back.