Are channel strength indicators dynamic?

I assume the below-pictured circle icons indicate signal strength for that channel.  Does anyone know if they are dynamic - as in do they update periodically by themselves (page refresh okay), or does it only capture signal strength when I re-scan for channels?

A dynamic indicator would be most helpful as I’m trying to configure my antenna (it’s a struggle to get channel 8 and 13 at the same time).

They do not update dynamically, but that has been asked for…

If you want them updated you have to do another channel scan currently.

Dynamic would mean more processing power and work for the unit… unless you are in a fringe area how often would it really change unless you have an indoor antenna that’s sensitive to being moved. 

Maybe some would use it but having lived here for 20 years I’m pretty sure of what channels are where and how far we are, etc.
The Tablo tuner/receiver is pretty solid from what I’ve seen so far and can easily get anything any other device can get for us.
But then we have a roof mounted antenna.

Even if there was just a “check” button you could press to see the current state without having them checking 24/7 would be nice too.

The way several of us setup our antennas was using a Homerun and a iOS or Android app. I used the iOS app.

That’s expensive when we all already have a Tablo with a tuner.

You can get them used and they are cheaper than a Spectrum Analyzer. He said he was having trouble getting his antenna setup. Just trying to help.

The way several of us setup our antennas was using a Homerun and a iOS or Android app. I used the iOS app.

In the end this is what I used plus an iPhone app that read the data from the Ebay sourced HD Homerun.

I hope Tablo is getting nervous. It seems buying a Tablo frequently leads to buying an HD Home Run to properly aim the antenna.

People might get the idea the HD Home Run is better and buy it right from the start…

Isn’t a compass the way to “properly aim the antenna”?

Nope. Signals bounce. Your compass can tell you what direction the tower(s) are. But what you want to know is what direction do you get the best or most channels. That could left or right of the tower’s direction.

Or maybe you want to balance to get stations that are in different directions “as good as you can”.

And maybe your antenna is not sensitive enough, or maybe you need an amp. The best way to determine these things is to survey what you get in several different positions.

Different types devices solving different types of problems… the HD Homerun devices are really only “live tv” … there is no native built-in recording capability or channel guide… for that you need a 3rd party bit of software and a computer to run that on… the TABLO is a complete standalone DVR solution (which is why I am using it rather than a media center PC or using software on my desktop to record the hd homerun stream)