April Fool's (cordcutter style)

(cable company)  We're willing to cut your rate in half if you are new subscriber.

Note:  Cable company doesn't do anything to help out its existing subscribers.  However, if you call them and start the process of disconnecting, they will offer you the lower rate too.

Don't be an April fool.  The cable company shouldn't treat their subscribers like this.  Also, new subscribers read the fine print so you know when your rate will automatically be doubled (back to normal price).

I really wish there was a way to get Internet without the cable co. 

Nonetheless, even half off is too little for me.  My monthly bill went from $202 to $68.  I even pay for SlingTV!

Directv offered to drop mine to $49/month plus get free HBO/Cinemax/Showtime for 3 months and give me the NFL Ticket for 2015 free and a $200 Gift card.  That $49 sounds ok until you figure in the $10/mo box rental x2 and the $3/mo “Whole home DVR” fee and all the rediculous taxes, would put me right back up to $80.  No thanks, I will keep my $20/mo I am paying now, especially with Summer coming

You’re right, @cjcox.  It’s so crazy.  But I guess they can sucker enough of us in to keep them in business… :frowning:

For Sale:
One soul. It is old and used but in fairly good condition. I am selling it as I no longer need it because I have reattached the cord that I cut back when I tried Tablo. I am asking $36,000 for my soul as I will need this much money to pay my cable TV bills for the remainder of my days on this earth. I can only hope that there are some decent entertainment options in hell. Thank you.

APRIL FOOLS! I love my Tablo!