AppleTV randomly disconnecting during airplay

Is anyone else having trouble with their AppleTV randomly restarting and disconnecting from the network while using airplay from Tablo TV? This seems to be worse after fast forwarding or rewinding.

About my equipment I have an AppleTV 2 & AppleTV 3 same problem on both but worse on the AppleTV 3. IPad 3, Apple time capsule dual band 2.4 & 5 GHz. 30 mbps broadband and of course Tablo TV. Tablo tv in hardwired (ethernet) to the Time Capsule AppleTV 2 is hardwired (ethernet) to the time capsule.

I have restarted everything. I have reset the Apple TVs to factory settings. I have turned on the 5 GHz only network which seemed to help a little.

I initially had this issue.   @TabloTV suggested restarting the Apple TV.  After restarting, it has been rock solid.    

Have you tried using the Apple remote to fast forward and rewind? Have you tried watching a show that still in the process of recording? I notice it seems to be worse when you’re watching a show that’s already in the process of recording. I have the same issue recording in 1080P and 720P. As I stated I’ve restarted everything I’ve reset everything I’ve installed all updates.

My recordings are all on 720p to save space.   I have the Tablo connected via powerline back to my router.  My Apple TV is also on powerline to complete a wired connection.  Playback control works fine with a remote.   Are you using wireless at all?

I am using wifi/wireless on the Apple TV 3. I think the problem is the Apple time capsule router Wi-Fi. Anytime it detects any buffering or breaking of the signal slightly due to fast forwarding or rewinding it disconnects. That’s just my theory.

@mb190e - It may be the router. It’s very rare than an Apple TV issue hasn’t been resolved by the firmware update/reboot cycle. 

Okay I’m trying again I got rid of the 5 GHz only network. Wi-Fi signal was weak. unplugged the time capsule, unplugged all the Apple TVs, rebooted the iPad and rebooted the MacBook Pro

@mb190e - Hope it works now! If not, place a support ticket and we’ll try to get to the bottom of it. 

Okay, I started a recording 1080P waited 5 minutes. Then started to play the recording from the beginning. it never disconnected but it did pause (buffering) 6 times in 6 minutes. the screen froze the little wheel on the left side was spinning, after 15 seconds it starts playing again. I started the same recording over again at the beginning, fast-forward with Apple remote two times to get back to the spot where I stopped watching. The little wheel was spinning on the left for 15 to 20 seconds then it disconnected. I did this test on the Apple TV 3 and I Apple iPad 3 over wifi. I’m going to now try the same test on 720P

Same results as above. pause (buffering) disconnected with 4 fast forwards 720p

I did one last test. I started a completed recording from last night, 720p no buffering in five minutes but the first time I fast forwarded it disconnected.

@mb190e - Odd. Can you place a ticket w/ support so we can investigate this please? :) 

Okay I have an update, after opening a ticket with support they had me unplugged the tabloTV. remove the hard drive, do a test watching live TV rewinding and pausing. I still had some of the same problems just not as severe on the wireless Apple TV3. After reinstalling the hard drive I am pleased to report that the Apple TV2 that is connected via ethernet worked flawless. I watched a recorded show white two other shows were recording. I watched a show while one was recording and I watched a show that was currently recording and never had one hiccup. The wireless AppleTV 3 was still buffering and dropping out. But i could play the show on the iPad 3 sitting right next to the Apple TV3 no issues. So just for the fun of it. I took an Apple airport express and plugged in the Apple TV 3 with a ethernet cable and so far it’s working with no buffering or dropping out for over an hour on a show that’s currently recording. The Apple TV3 obviously has an issue with the Wi-Fi receiver I guess.

Glad you got it sorted out @mb190e

Just another little piece of information apparently there is a bad batch of AppleTV 3’s that have connectivity issues. my serial number is part of this group that is affected.

Oooh - good to know! Thanks for the info!!