AppleTV Failed to Load, Unknown Tablo error

While using Tablo app on AppleTV cube, a message displays saying “Failed to Load, Unknown Tablo error”. This only happens while calling up Genres or Channels, intermittently opening a group of icons or may instantly give the above error message with a blank screen. Always happens attempting to use Genres or channels, sometimes trying to open details on a any show causes error. Crazy thing is, my other AppleTV cube hooked in similar on wireless does not give any errors on Dablo app. Also have one smart tv talking to Dablo without any error issues, other than there is no Genres, what an annoyance! I only use AppleTV cube one at a time and not both at same time so far. Everything else is working recording & playback fine.

Hi @firmament As a first step I’d recommend checking the WiFi signal strength on the Apple TV that’s having problems:

It sounds like it might be losing connectivity with your network/Tablo given that your other Apple TV and Smart TV seem to be working just fine.

Well, I stand corrected, both 4K appleTV devices are doing what I described above. The one I thought that was not doing it, is connected directly by ethernet to my Netgear switch, and the original complaint appletv wifi signal level is a full 5 stars. It appears to be a translation issue between the networked Tablo and both apple devices. Once I repeat the retries several times, then it wakes up, and icons load fast. I’m going to wait and see if it clears up in next few days, probably some sort of software hiccupping.

One 4k appleTV device is ethernet connected, the other is WIFI connected, and they both have similar issues where 50% of time they load up ICONS nominally, then as you drill into more functions unit appears to stall with handshaking/communications. Sometimes icons will load without the pictures, then stall, when it happens completely varies, some genre will load right away while others just stall. Retrying over and over sometimes makes icons load up, other times nothing except “unknown error with Tablo”. Sometimes a spinning circular symbol will display, and may load in 5 or 10 seconds or stall completely still spinning. A 3rd TV at the other end of house is wifi, without appleTV uses the downloaded App yet it responds fine, but it is a lot slower with all it’s commands than the Apples. Everything goes real fast with the apples when it works, like maybe too fast for the Tablo…I’m still forcing it to work just have to try over and over endlessly.

Sorry if I missed it, but is the Tablo on WiFi?

No, ethernet direct to a 100M switch, not gigabyte. So my switch does around 11.5meg per second per port.

So if you have the issue even with the Tablo and an Apple TV on Ethernet it’s likely not a network issue.
Put in a Tablo support ticket. Could be some issue on the Tablo that they can diagnose or you stumbled on a bug in the Apple TV app.

Hi @firmament, I have DM’d you for information about your specific unit to see if we can get to the bottom of this problem.

This is common with every device you use I have found “if” you try to do to much or to fast with the Tablo. I get that same message using a Roku Ultra, AndroidTV or AppleTV 4k devices. If you wait a few seconds or keep clicking the error, it will start working again.

Okay thanks for that info. Yes I’ve seen were repeated retries will wake up device. Although this issue is obviously a data handshake issue where one of the 2 is giving up communicating. I’ve seen it go so far as Apple saying it has completely lost connection to Tablo device. I never have problems with any recordings playing back or dropping out over local network. Fortunately from what I see the processors in some of my so called smart TVs are slow, and likely slow enough for Tablo data to keep up. I’m trying to get my wife to use this system, because it really is neat as long as it doesn’t stall. She’ll give up with first blank screen not taking time to retry, then she’s back to the internet streaming…

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