AppleTV crashing using airplay with TabloTv

During replay of TabloTv content on using AppleTv it continues to spontaneously crash at random places during playback.  Rebooting the AppleTv doesn’t fix issue.  Anyone else having issues using AppleTV for live stream or playback of recorded content?  Suggestions on what I should be checking?

I have used airplay for various other activities and never experienced this behavior.  

4 Tuner Tablo connected via ethernet 
Apple TV 3 connected via ethernet
Ipad 3 wireless airplay

IPad on 5Ghz or 2.4?

@vaillaininblack - Have you tried updating the firmware on the AppleTV? We’ve seen this before and that has fixed it.

Firmware is latest version, but is actually second generation ATV model and not third.  (model A1368).  I’ll need to check, but think the airport extreme is running on channel 1 (2.4ghz)

@PiX64, should I give it a go on the 5ghz spectrum? 

Can u run WiFi analyzer and see if maybe you are getting interference from other WiFi network?

Also u could run Plex connect and then use the Plex TabloTV channel :slight_smile: