AppleTV after update

Since I updated I’ve had two problems.

  1. On the Apple TV’s main screen, Tablo no longer displays its recent recordings when it’s the selected app on the top row.

  2. It doesn’t update with the latest recordings reliably. I record the 6 PM news and start watching about 6:05 or so. The recent recording doesn’t yet show the 6 PM news. I need to navigate around to goose it to update.

I’m hoping for a update to the Apple TV Tablo apps soon that fixes these issues.

Hi there @mpeirce - Sorry you’re running into this.

Top shelf integration seems to be working on our end so it’s odd that you’re seeing that problem.

Maybe the delay you’re seeing elsewhere is related to the issue you’re seeing with that integration.

Can you try deleting & re-adding the app on your Apple TV, making sure it’s in the top shelf location and see how it goes?

OK. I rebooted the Tablo as well as deleted and reinstalled the Tablo app on my AppleTV.

This appears to fix the problem.


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